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​Just like any other aspect of our lives, the improvement of architecture is influenced by what's going on the planet. What will the future hold for worldwide patterns in structural engineering? To a great extent idealistic, these patterns show a blushing future for the structures that encompass us consistently. Planners foresee that these structures won't be as ostentatious, however they'll be much more valuable on an ordinary premise.

Starchitecture will dim

​With regards to planning commercial buildings, starchitecture won't be the center purpose of creators any longer. Rather, they'll concentrate on the thought behind a specific configuration and how the outline understands its points. So, architectural design will be less about the thing and more about the open doors it provides for individuals possessing the space.

Comprehended in this sense, architecture will turn out to be a piece of a key considering organizations reflected in the physical design. One company wanted to build a compound that would encourage its employees to spontaneously run into each other. Architects mapped pathways all through the building and expanded the quantity of crossing points between those ways, splendidly understanding the commonsense thought. Beginning from 2016, outlines will be more significant than ever.

Office conversions

​We all prominent the well-known industrial–residential change drift that has been occurring for quite a while and we can anticipate that this propensity will reach out to our workplaces in the future. Taking advantage of well-placed and nicely proportioned warehouses and factories situated in inward city rural areas, designers will grab their opportunity to make awesome office spaces. With enhanced open transport, bikes and auto sharing advancements, restricted parking spot that used to check the improvement of this pattern in the past is no more an issue.

3D-Printed Interiors

​Disregard interior decorators, the eventual fate of indoor design will be controlled by 3D printers. The two pulled off a three-dimensional printing deed to adversary all of them simply a year ago. As a component of the venture "Advanced Grotesque," the pair 3D printed a whole room, making a 16-square-meter 3D shape decorated with extraordinary ornamentation that appears as though it has a place in a cutting edge church building.

Going shop top

​Worldwide rise in online shopping and a dynamic development of large scale shopping centers have both expanded the quantity of private open doors in rural retail structures, for case above shops. Those were by and large once homes and are presently being come back to their unique use.
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Modern interior design ideas are in a state of constant flux. The demands of new materials and novel forms, along with the rapid pace of technological innovations and human creativity create modern interior design trends that are seldom permanent. What was fresh and inspiring two years back may not necessarily be stylish and interesting today.

Simple color schemes, high contrast enhancing thoughts with a touch of brilliant shading, great centerpieces and oversize furniture and lighting installations, unobtrusive and delicate shading plan, inside outline and enlivening thoughts in retro styles from 50s to 70s and even 80s, interior design in moderate style, sculptural and textured plans which add character and enthusiasm to current insides are top cutting edge inside outline patterns 2016 to stay any longer.

Art deco-inspired patterns and shapes

​Craftsmanship decoration will make a strong new rebound in 2016. Search for the style's trademark geometric examples and honeycomb shapes to weave their way into everything from wallpaper to craftsmanship, adding polish and measurement to any space. Specialists additionally foresee gold proclamation lighting apparatuses will turn out to be better known.

Nubby wool rugs

​Nubby wool will be the go-to composition for 2016, particularly for region floor coverings. Their unbiased tints make the ideal indoor/open air vibe, while softening bolder hues and emotional articulation pieces.

Texture with Muted Colors

​This charming pattern joins delicate compositions with quieted hues, for example, downplayed grays, beige and dull blue. It's a tone-down, verging on weathered look that gives a delicate scenery to a percentage of the year's bolder patterns, for example, metallic.

Traditional Tableware

​Think about this as a hovering note to grandmas all over: You were correct. Sauce water crafts and footed dishes are fundamental individuals from the tables cape particularly now.
In conclusion we can say that all these changes and trends in the interior design bring us closer to one more sophisticated, warmer and well-balanced place to inhabit where the colors are playful, easygoing and artistic. Where the materials are noble and natural, the space arrangement plan and subtle elements are useful and moderate and obviously the solid vicinity of vegetation and green advancements convey our home closer to nature in imaginative and insightful way.
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​The interior design and renovating industry needs to stay up to date with the latest trends and products on the market. Here we are mentioning some tile trends that are predicted to take 2016 by storm, with a strong emphasis upon textures and patterns. 

Modern Metallic

​The breakout star of 2016 will be metallics, and given their capacity to in a split second convey a refined and impressive touch to any space it's not hard to see why. Whether including a smooth touch with silver or chrome or warming a room with gold, rose gold or copper, each school of outline can profit by this pattern.

One key contrast that separates the current year's take from past metallic patterns is the adaptability to blend and coordinate. Try not to falter to utilize one sort of metal as the point of convergence of the space while working in an alternate sort for a littler accent part.

Sustainable Design

​Social patterns have long been known not plan, and this coming year we can expect a major push toward eco-accommodating insides. Generally as supportability in structural planning prides itself on mixing shape and capacity, it's critical to concentrate on utilizing inside outline components that look extraordinary, as well as are well had and minimize the effect to our biological system.

Fusing normal materials, for example, wood or stone into your interiors is a simple approach to accomplish that objective. At whatever point conceivable, search for artisan items. Notwithstanding having a littler carbon foot shaped impression than their mass-created rivals, these items regularly have a more drawn out lifespan.

Outdoor Prints

​Outdoor Prints term might appear to be dubious, yet in this connection, we mean prints that can be found in nature. The coming year is balanced for a rebound of plant-enlivened stylistic theme, florals and creature prints. Likewise with any print, a little goes far — particularly with regards to these striking looks.

Instead of decking out a whole room in a major or overwhelming example, use it on maybe a couple pieces that will be the point of convergence of the space. To guarantee that your interpretation of these wild looks stays cutting edge and not very far over the top, consider fusing prints that fall outside of their characteristic shading plan.

Color trends

​Blue is the new commanding shade – from darkened soul to denim soul, with indications of green and feelings of metallic. Additionally slanting is a '70s enlivened shading palette and designs with delicate and quieted hue

Groovy Geometrics

​With regards to adding visual enthusiasm to a room, there's no less adding so as to demand approach to have an effect than a couple of geometric shapes. The late enthusiasm for these shapely outlines is a continuation of the '70s-enlivened pattern that has been stopping people in their tracks.
The immense thing about this pattern is that it can without much of a stretch be fused into any style of outline. The individuals who like a ultra-present day look ought to think about putting forth as an expression with shapely furniture pieces or light apparatuses. For a more conventional look, basically fuse a geometric example into the room utilizing floor tiles or emphasize materials.

Bold Blues

​Each year has its own particular shading patterns, and 2016 is no special case. Intense soul, for example, cobalt, naval force and illustrious blue are the tones to use for the forthcoming year. Luckily, there is no lack of approaches to consolidate this shade into your insides. Everything relies on upon how impactful you need the shading to be.

Big tiles

​It's a territory of experimentation and requires exceptional assembling and laying systems, however tiles are getting greater and more slender and renovators all around adoration them. The standard bigger tile of 600x600mm is blooming to a huge section size of 1000x3000mm. In another configuration turn, chunk tiles with fiberglass support are being made to twist around bends.
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​Analysts are anticipating 2016 will be a solid year for the construction industry, and specialists from different parts of the construction industry are hopeful about what the 2016 will bring. More development open doors in developing markets, new financing components, and advancing client requests are driving the business' players to differentiate, both geographically and as far as their offerings. Today's superior workers have differentiated more than most, growing more proficient and client centered working models to help them.

Get ready to pay your workers more

​Compensation, especially in residential construction, are still too low to pull in enough qualified laborers to the physical and some of the time perilous work of building houses. It will end up being a considerably more noteworthy battle to discover gifted contracts, and they will be diving far more profound into your organization's wallet. The construction industry should be prepare and plan for a successful 2016 keeping in mind that you might need to pay more wages.

Construction companies will suffer skilled labor shortage

​The most generally said pattern for 2016 was the proceeded with impacts of the skilled worker shortage. A huge bit of employees who left the business amid the subsidence stayed away forever, and organizations are as yet attempting to discover specialists at all levels to legitimately staff their groups.
The labor crisis is a common issue, and most specialists predict it will proceed well into 2016 and past, as the ability deficiency will require numerous years to top off once more.

Offsite construction methods will gain popularity

Offsite development has been making strides as an option building system that offers the advantages of decreased construction time, less waste and conceivable cost investment funds. As organizations battle to staff work destinations and stick to troublesome calendars, numerous have begun to swing to prefab as an alternative that offers more conviction.

More extensive execution of offsite development has been to some degree blocked by the configuration construction culture, as indicated by specialists. They additionally referred to the adjustment in the customary building handle that accompanies offsite systems as an obstruction for actualizing the methodology, as contractual workers and proprietors’ battle to adjust to the changed course of events of choices and building. Still, the extra sureness that accompanies prefab could catalyze the developing pattern in 2016.

Construction companies will face difficulty on project selection

​The handicapping subsidence and labor shortage have prodded another pattern among construction industry leaders. Many are currently being more careful about the measure of new work they can deal with, and about developing their organizations. The labor shortage has left managers at all levels compelled to examine the number and size of projects they can deal with without a moment's delay.
Expect the custom restaurant boom to continue
Restaurant industry sales have skyrocketed 20% over the past five years, more green restauranteurs are going to venturing into the business. Considering green environment is still hot in new builds and that environmentalists are storming the food industry, expect more custom and renovated restaurant builds to be LEED certified.

Housing will continue to be all about renovations
The housing will create an impact in the construction industry with renovations plan in the upcoming months. More and more housing owners will consider renovations plan for upcoming years,

Construction companies will invest in security
Construction companies are getting more and more requirements for the security systems. New innovations of security technologies and ideas will create an impact in this industry.

Green building will grow in commercial and residential sectors
Commercial construction has typically led the pack in green adoption, but the residential sector is starting to catch up. The growing trend in both sectors is driven not just by a desire to produce environmentally friendly structures, but by consumer demand, higher-quality results and lifecycle cost savings, according to experts at Green build 2015.

Commercial construction has commonly stood out in green appropriation, however the residential sector is beginning to get up to speed. The developing pattern in both areas is driven not simply by a longing to create environment friendly well-disposed structures, however by consumer demand, higher-quality results and lifecycle cost savings.
The global construction industry is evolving quickly. Organizations should keep up new ways to deal with danger administration and capital assignment, operational proficiency, and inventory network administration. What's more, they should create novel methods for pulling in, holding and sending a portable and multilingual workforce with applicable aptitudes.
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​What’s the first thing that comes into your notice when you step inside a house? There are quite a few things to look at such as – the people, the size of the room etc. but I can take a bet on it that it’s the design of the house that draws the attention first. So, it’s anybody’s guess that how important the interior design is.
Designing the interior is the process of shaping the experience of the inner space of the house through manipulative treatments of surfaces. This process is often confused with the interior decoration while the former one concentrates on the aspects of environmental psychology, architecture and product design. So, now that you have a pretty clear about interior design, we can move forward designing different interior parts of your house.
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​Every house says something special! Or this could be the other way round that we love to hear something from our house. This happens ironically when we are able to turn our dwelling place into a piece from haven.
All of us try to make our house the best place on the earth to be in but that doesn’t fall in place quite easily. We all know that maintaining a house in the exact manner is a costly affair. Right changes need to be done at the right time. More so, when there are huge transformations in our regular needs, it becomes very necessary to opt for accurate renovations of the house too so that it stays as beautiful as it used be early.
​When it comes to renovate or remodel the interior or exterior of the house, inspirations play an essential role. We are very likely to get inspired with beautiful and eye-catching designs of others’ house and want to implement the same in our own houses. While this is one of the most preferred ideas to make your house lively and soothing, there are people who prefer to browse the internet for innovative renovation ideas. However, the motive remains the same for both instances and there shouldn’t be any contradiction regarding the fact that house owners must opt for quality renovation service of their houses after a regular interval.
Whether you are looking for complete custom home design or a partly renovation of your house, the importance of getting the job done with professional designing contractors is indispensible. Have you hired one for the task or just searching for a reliable company? Whatever the situation is with you, don’t ever compromise with the reliability and professionalism. Whether it’s a commercial renovation or a residential one, the success of the project is vastly associated with the credibility of the designers. Here are a few of the service attributes that are only available with proficient remodeling and interior design companies.
Experience & skill: If you’ve already accomplished a renovation in your house, you are not new to the aspects that emerge during the ongoing process but, if you are to start the process shortly in your house, you will come across all different types of complications that are only solvable with experienced and skilled company professionals.
Cooperation: A successful renovation of the interior or exterior of your house cannot be completed without engaging cooperation from the designers. This is a concern that eminent companies pay sincere attention to. This makes it essential to hire only the renowned design companies so that you can negotiate the designs and other improvisations with them.
Punctually: Time does pay you money. This is a must-have attribute for an interior/exterior designing and renovation company to provide the customers with a suitable turnaround time. When you are aware of the expected completion time of the renovation project, you can plan the other necessities accordingly.
Budget: Depending upon your renovation and designing requirements the expense of the project may vary significantly. Reliable companies share the details of the partly expenses and that allows you to manage the budget effectively. Thus, you can accomplish the best quality design and renovation in your house.
All these features actually describe the reasons why the house owners should opt for skilled and reliable design and renovation companies only.
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​One of the biggest financial and emotional investments in anyone’s life is building or remodeling a home. This often turns out to be a life time investment for many people. However, since you are going to invest lots of your time and money, it is always advantageous to know what is coming up your way. In such a situation you may not like surprises. And this is why you should ask these 10 questions to your contractor even before the inception of the project.
1. What is the working plan?
No matter how big or small company you hire, there should be a proper plan for the project. Depending on the project whether remodeling or new construction, this plan will change. Important diagram, sketches should be included in the planning. This is the very first step of the project. A professional and experienced contractor or company will always have a specific plan of every project.
2. What is the schedule?
The schedule of the work doesn’t only consist a start date and an end date. Each part of the project should be scheduled and the work should be according to that deadline. While in one hand this reflects the experience of the contractor, on the other hand, tells you in advance what is going to happen next.
3. Who will attend the project every day?
Depending on the size and structure of the project and also the company, the person, responsible for attending the project may change. But more than the designation of the person in the company make sure that the person is well-known with all the aspects of the project or is experienced enough in handling such jobs.  
4. What about the protection of the property?
This should be discussed before the inception of the project so that you don’t have to face any unwanted situation. A number of dust-contaminant measures can be applied during the project. And also there are issues with the household stuffs like furniture, books, drapes and many more. Ensuring the safety of the rest of the house from the construction area through discussion is important.
5. What will be the medium of communication?
Even though you will visit the construction site at a regular interval (if it is a new construction), there should be a pre-decided mode of contact in case of emergency. With a wide variety of electronic communication medium available in the present time, there shouldn’t be any problem between you and the contractor in reaching each other.  
6. What is the most concerning part?
No matter how experienced or proficient your contractor is, there has to be an area which is comparatively confusing than the other. Point out that area in advance by discussing with your contractor. Discussing about it upfront will help to take extra protection during the project.
7. How to reach after hours?
The situation to reaching your contractor apart from the working hour may arise without prior notice. The same may happen to your contractor as well. So, it is better to exchange all the means of communication like cell number, email, landline no. etc.
8. What about the safety of the workers?
Safety of the workers is one of the most important aspects of any construction project. You need to ensure if the workers are insured or not. It is always better to work with companies where workers are insured to avoid future complicacies.
9. What kind of documentation will I receive?
Irrespective of the size of the project, you should always make sure to do proper paper work before the beginning of the project. You need to know in advance about the terms and conditions of the contractor. This is also important to avoid any sort of misunderstanding during the project.
10. How to make the payment?
And finally, you need to confirm the payment process. This may vary from companies but there should certainly be a specific process through which you will know in advance when you will have to pay and what amount you will be paying to your contractor.
The answers to all these questions will not only give you a clear idea about the working process of the company, the project will end up with a positive note.
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Building a home is a dream project for most of the house owners and perhaps this is why it is called a ‘Dream Home’. And while planning to build a house, the role of an experienced architect is very much significant. Without the assistance, imagination and cooperation of an architect, transferring your ideas and concepts about your own house into reality will become difficult.
But how will you decide who will do complete justice to your invest and ideas? Who is the right architect for your home-building project? Successful architects do have some habits or you can say they have a defined approach to their projects. Here I am going to enlighten those habits of architects that will help you realize who the right fit for the project is.   
1. Good architects tell a story
Each house speaks a story and that is best described by the architects. An experienced architect will always come up with detailed specifications of your house. And most of those specifications emerge from the ideas of the client. This may be regarding the view of the house, lighting of the interior, wall decoration or anything. Eventually, you will be able to see the story of your house through the vision of the architect.
2. They are calculated risk takers
Great architecture is all about innovation and this comes through taking risks. This doesn’t mean uncertainty; this is a part of the creativity. Taking calculated risk is nothing new in the architecture field and this allows you with the opportunity to make your house unique. It is not necessary that architects should take risk at every step; it is about looking everything from a different perspective and bringing out the best out of it.
3. They focus on minute details
Details of the house matter since we have to deal with this in our day to day life. This is a prevalent attribute of the successful architects that they focus on the detailing and also express that to the client. This helps the clients to visualize the end result in advance and also it ensures fewer mistakes during the project. This fades away the confusions at the same time.
4. They are good at simplifying things
The ability to simplify things is another good quality of successful architects. Innovation or uniqueness doesn’t necessarily mean complicated designs and structure. Rather, the true quality lies in bringing out the simple things out of the difficulties. Simple structure, simple materials, simple doors and windows can together build a unique house and this is what qualified and experienced architects focus at. Doing the same thing differently is what they believe in.
5. They can prioritize
Defining the priority means a lot in any architectural project and this is a quality of an architect that s/he can prioritize things. A successful architect takes a note of three factors in the beginning which are the site of the project (whether the building is to be built or it already exists), the ideas and concepts of the clients and last but not the least, the budget of the project. These three things decide which part of the project should be given more priority and which should come afterward.  
6. Out of the box
Thinking out of the box is one of the imperative pre-requisites of a successful architect. I have talked about that earlier that this doesn’t necessarily mean introducing complicacy in the project. Unique ideas can be implemented even with ordinary things. Uniqueness in the design of the stair or window shape or room height can add to a lot in the exclusivity of the house and this is where a successful architect
7. Put all the senses in the act
Successful architects engage all their senses in the project. They don’t only sketch or visualize the project, they make sure to feel the end result with all their senses and try to work on the project accordingly.
A successful and experienced architect has all these qualities among many others. House owners need to ensure that the architect or designer he is planning to work with has all these qualities present in him.
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​People are now getting more indulged into the exciting lifestyle possibilities and that has an evident impact on the design and decoration of the house. While luxury furniture and decorative accessories are making their presence count for enhancing the ambiance of the house, the owners are even keener to have some open plan space in the house too. To speak the truth, having open-plan space in the house certainly makes a comfortable living only if that is designed and most importantly, incorporated with the right devices otherwise, no point rattling around in a big and soulless space.
​There are lots can be done to make the open-plan space exciting and this may involve playing with the separation between areas, changes in the floor level and finishes, furniture grouping etc.
Let’s now take a closer look to some other effective ideas that can really help enhancing the open-plan space and make it a more interesting room to be in.
·         Defining zones: Having separate rooms are not always necessary if the relationship between different zones is manipulated by varying degree. An open-plan space can easily be defined into different zones with emphasizing changes in floor level, floor finish, ceiling condition, furniture arrangement etc. More so, many other devices can also contribute to this tuning.
·         Layered views: To make the open-plan space appear more exciting and aesthetic, creating layered views can play an important part. This is like offering a visual excellence to the visitors. Keeping things open so that the separated areas can be seen through is the trick to make the open space in the house even more involving!
·         Visual separation: When wondering for ideas to offer facelift to the open-plan space of your house, visual separation could play one of the best tricks. Creating separation amongst existing elements may offer an impact of extra free space which can make living even more comfortable. The wall of the space and the ceiling are able to offer visual highlight to the space.
·         Include daylight: The daylight always makes house and the rooms appear more dignified and soothing. Offering visual emphasize to the open-plan space can be done by including the daylight in the area. This is actually the most effective magnifier of the interior space and the accessories used to decorate the place. Undoubtedly, nothing works better than the daylight when it is about maximizing the sense of the space and including the same in and opened-up area is always an attraction.
·         Right light angle: Using the lights, along with the daylight is a good approach to make the open space in the house appear elegant but, the twist in the story is that appropriate angle of the lights are important. From which angle the light is coming and how it is illuminating the different spaces and zones are amongst significant ideas to spice up the presence of the open-plan space so that it doesn’t appear dull anymore.
These are 5 most effective ideas to enhance the open-plan space implementing which have definite impact on improving the ambiance of the space and making it more engaging for the inmates.
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Kitchen is one of the most important places in the house and the most complicated one too when it comes to design the place. There is a large assortment of accessories and instruments to decorate the place but nothing can probably alter the efficacy of a kitchen island.
If kitchen is the heart of the house then the kitchen island is the heart of the kitchen and perhaps, this is enough to explain the importance of it. This is an appropriate place in the entire house that maintains perfect balance between congregation and separation and also ensures that the host can cook and clean quite easily while socializing with others. More so, on this central hub of the kitchen, people can gather to prepare food, have their meals and even to chat with each other as well. Basically, it needs no mention that keeping the kitchen island functional and beautiful are of the most important needs.
Despite having no set formula to design the kitchen island, the below list of a few exclusive ideas can be effective while considering designing the kitchen island.
·         Have enough free space around: In order to prevent your kitchen from being a congested place, it is necessary to consider enough free space around the island bench so that people can roam around quite comfortably. It’s best to place the island bench in the center of the kitchen considering an easier access to everything around as well. So, free space should be the first thing to consider while planning the design for Kitchen Island.
It’s important to consider at least 900mm space between the island and the other fixed items such as – kitchen walls, bench-tops, furniture etc. in the kitchen. This will certainly offer enough moveable space to the people without obligating them to turn sideways.
·         Space behind: In many kitchens the island is positioned keeping a wall at the back of the seating side or this could be bench-top or other furniture at the back. Under such instances, it is important to follow the minimum space measurement for comfortably push the chair or stool back and stand up. Considering the layout, you may also need some more adequate space to allow someone walk behind a seated person.
The minimum space requirement for a person to comfortably sit and stand up is 600mm and 900mm space will allow someone else to edge behind the person.
·         The right height: Kitchen island is for cooking and having foods too so the height of the bench should be adjustable for everyone in the house. This will certainly increase the effectiveness of the island bench when you make it conveniently usable for the little member of the house as well. So, consider a moderate height of around 900-1000mm for comfortable cooking and chopping on the island.
·         The storage in the kitchen island: This is a very effective bench in the kitchen with lots of storage facility however the necessity will depend on the kitchen layout. If you already have enough space and lots of cabinets in the kitchen, the island storage shouldn’t be the priority otherwise, 24-inch base cabinets will accommodate most of the things under the island. This is also important to keep in mind the island isn’t too big with extra space in the middle.
The elegant width of the kitchen island is around 3 feet although, in some instances, the 2 feet width is the best fit. And the length should be in between 4 feet to 7 feet, depending on the interior space in the kitchen.
These are some of the effective and important metrics to design the kitchen island and no point saying that this will certainly make the place more engaging for everyone in the house.